Whitecroft Kids ICT Summer Camp

Ideas, Practice & Teamwork

Let's Make The Summer Worth It

This summer, Whitecroft Solutions is coming up with an ICT day camp for children between the ages of 9-17. Camp will open on the 1st of August, and will run until the 30th.

We will be offering practical based courses in graphic design and web development, which will be taught by our team of seasoned ICT specialists, experienced in teaching minors.

E-learning materials will also be on hand for kids who may want to hone their skill after camp closes.

Summer camp kit will include: Snacks, Branded Whitecroft t-shirts and baseball caps, notepads, etc.

Our teaching and learning methods are practice oriented.

Cool Ideas
Kids will be encouraged to come up with their own creative ideas.

Team Work
Team work is a crucial part of our teaching and learning processes.
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